Arab Market Overview - Lisbon

IntemporStone® was represented in another event held last 31 March "Arab Market Overview", jointly organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Arabic-Portuguese (CCIAP) and AIP Foundation (Portuguese Industrial Association).
In this event where analyzed the bilateral economic relations between Portugal and the United Arab Emirates in the morning and in the afternoon with Egypt.
Bearing in mind the specificities of these markets, their potential, there was also the opportunity to analyze the best ways to access these markets by Portuguese companies along with other topics of interest, particularly in the deeper understanding of the opportunities these markets offer.
It was certainly an excellent opportunity for enrichment of knowledge about these markets and to strengthen relationships with people attending the event, namely, His Excellency Ahmed Al Saleh Al Theeb Hemeiri, Consul at the Embassy of the UAE in Portugal and His Excellency Amr Ramadan Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Portugal.
Parallel to this event IntemporStone® also conducted contacts with Mrs. Aida Bouabdellah, Secretary General at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Arabic-Portuguese.